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Eons ago, the Realms were created out of nothingness by a powerful wizard, Raistlin. Swiftly, yet punctiliously, darkness became light. With His devine control, emptiness became land, desolate coldness became heat, and the neverending voids of time and space filled themselves with life. Along with life, came water, the two forever intertwined with one another as Raistlin intended them to be. Every inch of the universe was a heaven. Every piece of the world was an Eden, where water sang in the rivers and skies.

Life sprang forth everywhere, filling the voids with being. Raistlin appreciated the life He had created, but felt an emptiness inside -- for the life He had made failed to appreciate Him and His goodness. Thus came His final creation, His masterpiece: Humankind.

Weary from his creations, Raistlin then retired, leaving humankind to care for the universe he had fashioned with His own hands. And the humans prospered, building upon the lands Raistlin had created, becoming creators themselves. Centuries of evolution, invention and discovery followed until finally, one fateful day, a powerful clan of scientists stumbled across the recipe for something more beautiful than Eden itself; something more powerful than Raistlin himself; something more enduring than life itself: Beer.

And this powerful clan, respected by all living things for their ability to create beer, became forever known as

The Alchemists' Guild

Alchemists have since honed their potion-creating skills, and may now create dozens of magical potions from water and the leaves of plants they grow in their gardens. Some potions are deadly, some are life-giving, and some are simply beer. But all are powerful; and all alchemists will be remembered and respected throughout history as the most wonderful creatures to ever walk the face of Raistlin's lands.

For more information on the guild, visit the Alchemists' Gardens, located in the Newland main village.

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