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Paladins cannot cast spells, but at 7th level they gain an extra hand-to-hand attack every other round, and at 13th level they attack twice per melee round. These attacks are free and automatic. Additionally, they can wield a small weapon in their off-hand if not wearing a shield, thus gaining yet another attack per round. Paladins accumulate more hit points than a normal player, but they have fewer spell points. It is with the sword that paladins seek to advance their cause, and they fare poorly with most other weapons. Paladins scorn the use of missile weapons such as wands and grenades, and seek rather to engage the enemy in melee combat. Due to their pious nature, paladins are particularly effective against the undead horrors that plague Darker Realms.

Paladins are able to better their strength and constitution. Strength helps determine how much you can carry, and a high strength allows you to to deal out extra damage in battle. Constitution helps determine how many hit points you have, and a very high constitution actually allows you to shrug off some damage you would normally take in combat.

If their alignment is pure, paladins may perform several spell-like powers. The first is the ability to detect evil, useful in distinguishing friend from foe. The second is the ability to 'lay on hands', which allows the paladin to heal his wounds or those of a friend; this power is strenuous, however, and a considerable period of rest is required between uses. The final power is the ability to cure disease in oneself or an ally, thus removing virtually any unwanted condition; this power is gained at 10th level, and like the laying on of hands, requires a sizeable interval of rest between uses.

Although it is possible for two good men to quarrel and take up arms against each other, a paladin must take care not to war with his good brethren too frequently, for should a paladin's alignment turn evil, he may become so distracted by his sin that he will be unable to concentrate on the battle at hand, making it increasingly difficult for him to strike his foe.

Note: The location of the paladin guild hall is a secret and you must locate it on your own. Please do not ask another player to tell you or show you where the guild hall is located.

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