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Shape Shifters

The ancient deity Plei'dot once walked the Realms Himself, trapped by the limitations of mortality and spiritual callowness. He traversed the lands and crossed the seas, seeking and learning. And, though the tale told in legends and myth of His enlightenment has never been fully believed or understood, we know that somewhere along the way He attained a new understanding -- consummating the ability to transform matter, including His own, from one shape and size to another. Plei'dot created a new state of being, immortal and ever-changing.

His Followers are those who have attained kinship with the everflowing Spirit of Plei'dot. Lingering in darkness and swelling in hearts, Plei'dot has become not one great creature, but an omnipotent piece of many. Offering His strength and magic to The Followers, Plei'dot has granted a select few His power of shifting shapes.


  • The guild is run by the four Guildmasters, the most powerful four members of the guild.
  • To join the guild, one of the four Guildmasters must sponsor a potential shape shifter. The guild members then vote on their approval or disapproval of the new member.
  • Once joining the guild, Plei'dot frowns upon the use of traditional magic and shapes. Many magic spells are no longer available to shape shifters; failing to use His Spirit actively at all times can anger Him, making life very difficult.
  • Followers have dozens of shapes, each with its own abilities and drawbacks. At higher levels, shapes are extremely powerful. However, maintaining a particular shape for extended periods of time is difficult, if not impossible.
  • Many shapes have dragon-like fighting skills without weapons, and some bear magical abilities and qualities. Other shapes, like the ogre, can use traditional weapons and armor, but with astoundingly new strength, power and agility. Even more shapes, such as insects and birds, have abilities which can only be learned through time.

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