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Help Files

This file is meant to answer basic questions and act as a general reminder.
There are other rules, and more details on all of these can be found under
'help rules'.  If you ever have any question about any rule or activity, ask
a wizard first.  It is easier to ask permission than forgiveness.

- Do not harass other players.  If someone asks you to stop doing something,
  stop doing it.  See 'help harassment'.

- Attacking other players is generally not allowed.  If you have a problem with
  another player you are encouraged to discuss it with a wizard or take it to
  the PK arena.  See 'help killing'.

- You can have more than one character if you register your first character and
  follow the new character creation procedure described in 'help characters'.
  You cannot use one of your characters to help another in any way, or have
  more than one of your characters logged on at the same time.  See 'help

- You are invited to work on quests and explore the game with other players,
  but you cannot simply give/trade/sell quest information/hints/solutions to
  other players.  See 'help quests'.

- You can use a mud client to connect to Darker Realms, but you cannot use the
  client to do anything you cannot do with the on-mud aliasing system.  See
  'help clients' and 'help aliasing'.

- If you are questioned by a wizard about a possible rule violation, you are
  expected to cooperate with them.  Note that lying to a wizard will only make
  any possible punishment worse.  See 'help cooperation'.

- There are other rules you are expected to follow.  See 'help rules'.

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