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To become a wizard, you must meet the Quest Point requirement.  Currently,
this means you must accumulate 450 quest points.  There are substantially
more points than this available, so solving ALL of the quests is not a
requirement.  You may choose instead which combination of quests to solve.
There is NO experience required to attain wizardship on Darker Realms.

If you have achieved the Quest Point requirement, and wish to become a
wizard, you should do this by means of the 'become wizard' command in the
adventurers' guild. Note that it is usually a good idea to arrange a
sponsor before doing this. To arrange a sponsor, use the 'sponsors' command to
find sponsor wizards who are currently on, and then talk to those who you feel
might be a suitable sponsor for you.

Be advised that if you become a wizard, all of your other characters will
be temporarily banished.  Once you have demonstrated that you understand the
basics of being a wizard and have received your first 'real' promotion, you
will get your other characters back.

Please note that if you have been punished by the administrators, your quest
point requirement to become wizard may be raised.

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