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There are currently 63 quests, worth 1460 points.
Click the wizard's name to view the quest description.

1. Point Value: 60 unk ***************
2. Point Value: 60 kiz **************
3. Point Value: 55 unk *************
4. Point Value: 50 chaosmonger ************
5. Point Value: 50 unk **********
6. Point Value: 50 ghiorso ***************
7. Point Value: 50 emrys ***************
8. Point Value: 45 unk *
9. Point Value: 40 ghiorso ***************
10. Point Value: 40 uriel *******
11. Point Value: 40 hammadryad *************
12. Point Value: 40 raistlin ***************
13. Point Value: 36 unk *****
14. Point Value: 35 spencer *************
15. Point Value: 33 messiah *************
16. Point Value: 32 lucifer *
17. Point Value: 31 davenprof ********
18. Point Value: 30 galeck ***********
19. Point Value: 29 cupelix *************
20. Point Value: 27 tark ******
21. Point Value: 27 requiem *****
22. Point Value: 25 unk *****
23. Point Value: 25 davenprof ******
24. Point Value: 25 lucifer ***************
25. Point Value: 24 bardslayer **********
26. Point Value: 24 spencer ***
27. Point Value: 22 scotty *********
28. Point Value: 22 satoria ********
29. Point Value: 21 bula *
30. Point Value: 20 selice *******
31. Point Value: 20 kermit **********
32. Point Value: 20 davenprof ********
33. Point Value: 20 hero **********
34. Point Value: 20 menlora ****
35. Point Value: 20 lucifer
36. Point Value: 18 galeck ****
37. Point Value: 16 swordmaster ***************
38. Point Value: 15 grog *
39. Point Value: 15 ghiorso ***
40. Point Value: 15 galeck *
41. Point Value: 15 twoflower *
42. Point Value: 15 heraclitus *********
43. Point Value: 14 bubba *
44. Point Value: 13 unk *
45. Point Value: 13 emrys ***
46. Point Value: 12 mirex ****
47. Point Value: 11 lucifer
48. Point Value: 11 unk
49. Point Value: 10 sinbad *******
50. Point Value: 10 leo_sceptre ***
51. Point Value: 9 requiem *
52. Point Value: 9 fred ********
53. Point Value: 8 unk *
54. Point Value: 8 cruiser *****
55. Point Value: 8 freya ********
56. Point Value: 7 emrys *
57. Point Value: 7 quantos *
58. Point Value: 7 spencer
59. Point Value: 6 lucifer ***
60. Point Value: 5 chaosmonger **
61. Point Value: 5 unk
62. Point Value: 5 heraclitus *
63. Point Value: 5 orc_slayer **

The stars, acquired by the writers and players who have solved the quests, are estimates at how difficult the "monster bashing" for each quest is. These figures do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the D.R. administration.

  1. Point Value: 60 (unk) ***************
    Aeons ago, when the world was young, the Gods created four rings to
    control each of the elements, and melded them together into one great
    ring to keep the stability of the Realms. But one year, after a battle
    between two factions amongst the Gods, the ring was shattered into its
    component parts, and scattered across the Realms. For a long time, it
    seemed as if no harm had been done, but recently, the foundations of
    the Realms themselves have begun to tremble, and the magic holding the
    lands together is starting to unweave itself. It is time for a true
    hero to find the component parts of the great ring, rejoin them, and
    bring them back to the Gods, to save the Realms.
    Return to List

  2. Point Value: 60 (kiz) **************
    Randolph Carter, the greatest mortal dreamer of all time, fashioned in his
    dreams a city so beautiful that the gods of earth imprisoned him and stole
    it for their own. Kiz the Wiz has charged you to enter the Dream Lands and
    free Carter, no matter what the cost! Fortunately, the Dream Lands can be
    easily entered through the mansion of Kiz, buried behind the forests and
    plains due south of the orc valley.
    Return to List

  3. Point Value: 55 (unk) *************
    Members of the alchemist guild have been complaining recently that their
    gardens are no longer growing properly. Various guild members have tried
    to figure out the problem, without success, and are beginning to suspect
    Your task is to find out what is wrong, and correct it. Rumor has it that
    a former member of the alchemist guild, Piet, may have some ideas about
    the problem. He is reputed to be living in the grounds of a castle not
    far from the guild.
    Return to List

  4. Point Value: 50 (chaosmonger) ************
    Aiel prophecies tell of a time when a hero will be needed.  Now there
    is an evil presence in the Waste and the Aiel are waiting for the
    hero to appear.  Go to the Aiel Waste and become the hero they need.
    Return to List

  5. Point Value: 50 (unk) **********
    Everyone agrees that there's something deeply strange about the deep forest
    at the east end of Ti, but nobody can agree what that strangeness is. Travel
    to the forest and explore it till you can find its secret. The rewards could
    be extremely valuable.
    Return to List

  6. Point Value: 50 (ghiorso) ***************
    For years Gwynndolyn the Gold and Bloodcry the Red have opposed each other
    in the Council of Wyrms, taking their personal battle into account in 
    every move.  When Gwynndolyn decided to protect the village of Garinor, 
    a half-dragon haven just south of the Newland town, Bloodcry began small 
    but destructive raids against the half-dragons.  Now Garinor lies in ruin,
    burnt to the ground by Bloodcry, and no one has seen any sign of Gwynndolyn.
    Find Gwynndolyn, aid her in defeating Bloodcry, and help the town of Garinor
    begin its reconstruction.
    Return to List

  7. Point Value: 50 (emrys) ***************
    Mordred and Morgan have managed to steal Excalibur, and Arthur lies
    mortally wounded.  Travel to Arthur's castle and speak to his wizard
    about what may be done to save him.
    It is said the wizard has great power and has offered to handsomely
    reward any adventurer who can defeat Morgan and save Arthur.
    Note: Different guilds should expect to approach this quest different
    ways, but it can be completed by all guilds.
    Return to List

  8. Point Value: 45 (unk) *
    Strange happenings have been occurring at the Keep of the Lorelei
    lately. None of the soldiers there have been seen for some time,
    and the relief soldiers sent there never reported back. Also,
    observers from outside have noticed the keep appears abandoned,
    and showing signs of decay. It seems that it would be time for an
    intelligent, bold and wise adventurer to explore the keep, find
    out the cause of these events, and put a stop to them.
    Return to List

  9. Point Value: 40 (ghiorso) ***************
    Overnight, fifteen massive obelisks appeared throughout the Realms, and 
    no one seems to know from whence they came.  Search out these obelisks 
    and discover the secret they hide.  You may start near the mainland town
    but your hunt will lead you to many new places.
    Return to List

  10. Point Value: 40 (uriel) *******
    In a fairy-tale castle, there lives a fairy-tale Prince, who was going
    to marry his fairy-tale Princess.  But in this fractured fairy tale,
    all is not well.  Assuage the young couple of their problems, and see them
    safely off on their honeymoon.
    Begin your quest near the town of Vaude.
    Return to List

  11. Point Value: 40 (hammadryad) *************
      |                                                                 |
      |  Doom has come upon the Land! Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever,  |
      | has been killed by the Shrike. Without him, Lord Foul shall be  |
      | able to destroy the Land, and bring despair to all who live     |
      | there. The one small hope for the Land is that someone will     |
      | rise up and replace the Unbeliever in his quest to defeat the   |
      | Despiser. You must wield his white gold, for it contains the    |
      | power to fight Despair.                                         | 
      |  Go forth to the Land, and confer with the Lords at Revelstone. |
      | Their wisdom may aid you immensely.                             |
      |                                                                 |
    Return to List

  12. Point Value: 40 (raistlin) ***************
    Raistlin's Staff of Magius has been stolen by Tahkisis, the
    Queen of Darkness.  Find and return the staff, and defeat the
    Dark Queen.
    Return to List

  13. Point Value: 36 (unk) *****
    Deep within the intricate maze of mosaics in the crystal tower lurks an
    evil mosaic monster. Destroy it, and you will undoubtably be rewarded.
    But beware, for the longer you take to do so, the further the monster
    will retreat into the mosaics, and the harder it will be to reach it.
    Return to List

  14. Point Value: 35 (spencer) *************
    One of the great spirits which protects the land 
    of Y2020 has been corrupted. He now seeks the
    destruction of that great land and if he is not
    soon stopped he will succeed. Seek out the most
    pure being in that great land and ask about the
    evil spirit.
    Return to List

  15. Point Value: 33 (messiah) *************
         A brutal, renegade beast is terrorizing the endangered species
    in Darker Realms.  Ask one of the endangered species how to stop the
    needless slaughter.  In fact, this particular creature you need to
    speak with is an old warrior from a long time ago, far away, but can 
    be found in the jungles behind Messiah's palace.
    Return to List

  16. Point Value: 32 (lucifer) *
    Long ago, when the great kingdoms were but budding forests and quiet
    mountainsides and the lands were carefully sculpted by the loving hands
    of gods, twin sisters were born. To the one, Kailei, the gods granted the
    greatest of all gifts; the understanding and the ability to love. To the
    other, Kailai, the gods granted immortality. Their love for one another was
    unmatched. However, as the stories tell, there came a dark night when a huge
    black dragon appeared, bringing with it blackness, hatred, and coldness.
    Kailei opened her loving heart to the evil dragon, but was no match for the
    horrible magics which had bestowed such wicked powers upon the great beast.
    Torn between faith and feeling, Kailei was driven to death. Having lost the
    most beautiful of all loves, her sister, Kailai was broken. To this day she
    sits far east of Newland, atop the Tower of Black Fires deep in the lands
    of Ti, guarded by the huge dragon. Offer her freedom from the beast which
    has held her captive for so long.
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  17. Point Value: 31 (davenprof) ********
    Dozens of the top megacorporate research scientists are
    disappearing from their homes and offices.  Nobody
    knows who is taking them or why.  Travel to Tacoma 
    and Redmond and try and find out who or what is 
    responsible for these kidnappings and return the scientists
    to their homes and families.  Don't be afraid to look for
    help in the darkest of places.
    Return to List

  18. Point Value: 30 (galeck) ***********
    Darker Realms has been a place of fun and enjoyment
    for many years, but an evil force is trying to change
    all that.  A person known only as the Supreme Dark
    Lord has learned the secrets of time travel and is
    altering time to take over Darker Realms and enslave
    its inhabitants.  The attempts to time travel, however,
    have created a rift between the Dark Lord's reality and
    Darker Realms as it is currently known.  Someone must
    enter the rift before the Dark Lord can close it and
    complete the total annihilation of Darker Realms as we
    know it.  It is rumored that the rift can be found where
    elves roam free, where old becomes new, and where the
    past is intertwined with the future.
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  19. Point Value: 29 (cupelix) *************
    Ages ago, during the Time of the Greeks, a mighty warrior named
    Cadmus slayed Draco the Dragon and banished him to the heavens above.
    Now, Draco plots his escape from his prison in the night sky.  To make his
    escape complete, he must hold the City of the Dragon captive from Time for
    101 years.  Time is almost up -- a century already part of the past.
    It is up to you to stop his return.  You must find the one way to
    restore the passage of Time to the City.
    Return to List

  20. Point Value: 27 (tark) ******
      Disappearances have haunted the small community of Kartoc since
    anyone can remember.  Rumors of screams on the night breeze, and faint
    echos of an odd chant in a foreign tongue have the locals in a
    constant state of fear and suspicion.  Apparently, the blame for this
    terror has been attributed to a strange cult, purported to engage in
    the practice of human sacrifice.  Find the source of this macabre
    horror, and put an end to it.
    Return to List

  21. Point Value: 27 (requiem) *****
    Requiem has given you the opportunity to defeat your deepest 
    and darkest nightmares. She offers you the one weapon in the 
    land, found in mazes and time, that will help you kill it. A
    way to the north from a town near the Draconian forests, you
    will find a dirt road that leads towards your clues.
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  22. Point Value: 25 (unk) *****
    Rumor has it that hidden inside the temple of the gnomish town of Glendale
    are some of the most valuable treasures in the Realms. If you were to
    break into the hidden treasury and steal its contents, you would most
    surely be one of the great heroes of the realms. You can get to Glendale
    by taking the train from the local village.
    Return to List

  23. Point Value: 25 (davenprof) ******
    In the newly Awakened land of magic on Earth in the year
    2050, there is something twisted, something evil that is 
    polluting the very soul of the land.  This evil must be found
    and must be stopped before it turns the entire face of Gaea
    into a land of darkness.
    Return to List

  24. Point Value: 25 (lucifer) ***************
    In a prophecy which has been muttered since the dawn of time,
    ancient magicians and theologians have told of the Amulet of
    Damnation. The stories tell of how the amulet was once worn
    by Lucifer himself, only to be cast apart by a great god into
    many pieces and spread over the lands of Darker Realms. Recent
    rumors suggest that The Evil Ones have begun searching for the
    pieces, often gazing west from atop a majestic blue quartz
    tower near the center of the realms. You must find the Amulet
    of Damnation and banish it to hell. The legends foreshadowed
    its destruction; but throughout time, not a single man of Good
    has ever even seen it.
    Return to List

  25. Point Value: 24 (bardslayer) **********
    Find Bardslayer, free him from the evil Bard King
    and save his kingdom from the evil bards.
    Return to List

  26. Point Value: 24 (spencer) ***
    A hunt master from a far away land has taken up residence in the town
    by John Appleton's orchard.  She offers you money and experience if
    you will partake in the scavenger hunt she has created.  But beware,
    this scavenger hunt won't be a piece of cake, for you will need to
    seek far and wide for the items.
    Return to List

  27. Point Value: 22 (scotty) *********
    An evil wizard has stolen all of the Good King's armor.  Find
    the Good King's armor and pay him homage.  His castle stands far
    to the north of the main village.
    Return to List

  28. Point Value: 22 (satoria) ********
    There have been a number of minor earthquakes recently,
    and several of the villagers have been heard repeating
    a legend about how once upon a time these realms were
    always experiencing seismic activity, and that there
    even used to be a volcano in the area.  Supposedly,
    the flaming tower above the orc valley appeared on
    the same day that the earthquakes stopped forever.
    Now, though, the earthquakes have returned. They
    must be stopped or Darker Realms will surely be
    destroyed.  Legend has it that the lowest spot			 /\
    in the tower is filled with alien technology. 			/  \
    Return to List

  29. Point Value: 21 (bula) *
                             -=: Sewer Club Pubcrawl :=-
         -----=:   :=-----       -----=:   :=-----       -----=:   :=-----
     |                                                                        |
     | Cameron McPhearson has visited every pub in Darker Realms, and tasted  |
     | every fare. Now he's boasting that no one has the tolerance to         |
     | complete his epic pubcrawl. Can you rise to his challenge by drinking  |
     | your way across the land?                                              |
     |                                                                        |
     |     Visit the Sewer Club to give it a shot... or maybe to get one!     |
     |                                                                        |
         -----=:   :=-----       -----=:   :=-----       -----=:   :=-----
    Return to List

  30. Point Value: 20 (selice) *******
        'Twas brillig in the tulgey wood, where the Jabberwock
     lurks... somewhere. You must seek out this foul beast and
     slay it before it wreaks havoc on Darker Realms.
    Return to List

  31. Point Value: 20 (kermit) **********
    Elvis has been spotted on an island off the east coast of Darker Realms.
    The people of the Realms deserve to know, so bring proof to the editor
    of the island's newspaper.
    Return to List

  32. Point Value: 20 (davenprof) ********
    The chairman of Zeus Macrotechnology has a job for you.
    Go to the City of Tacoma and find him if you want the job, but
    be warned.  It is an extremely dangerous job involving a
    very powerful and ancient evil.
    Return to List

  33. Point Value: 20 (hero) **********
    	Long ago, a dragon befriended an old mage.  He guarded the mage with
    his life.  One day, while defending the mage and his village from attackers,
    a renegade mage transformed the dragon into solid stone.  The mage swore that
    one day the dragon would live again, but alas, he died long ago.  It is said
    that the only way to revive the dragon from its long sleep, is to acquire the
    Ring of Life.  With its powers, the ring will return life to the stone dragon
    that has been alone for so long.  Seek out the means of making the ring, and
    save the dragon from its dark sleep.
    Return to List

  34. Point Value: 20 (menlora) ****
         Until recently a small village lay undisturbed in its valley
    among snow-topped mountains.  Now, however, the village has been
    put in danger by a young white dragon who has ravaged the town and
    chased out all but the most steadfast inhabitants.  A brave explorer
    from the town ventured forth to find the beast's lair, and has not
    been seen in several days.  An adventurer is needed who will go and 
    rescue the explorer and bring peace to the village once more.
    Return to List

  35. Point Value: 20 (lucifer)
    Display your cunning and skill by winning the Darker Realms poker tournament.
    The poker tournaments are on-going in the gaming hall located adjacent to the
    Newland church. Winning can be tricky and, in fact, quite difficult -- several
    Darker Realms wizards will be competing in the tournaments for the title of
    Poker Champion as well. Feel free to stop by the poker hall and peruse the
    rules as well as challenge a fellow player to a game. You must be level five
    or higher in order to compete.
    Return to List

  36. Point Value: 18 (galeck) ****
    The people of Arnisdale are in an uproar!  Travel to Arnisdale to
    discover what is causing the commotion, and help put an end to it.
    Return to List

  37. Point Value: 16 (swordmaster) ***************
    Many years ago, the fire trolls living in the caves near Swordmaster's castle
    burned and ravaged the surrounding lands.  In order to vanquish the trolls
    Swordmaster had a special wand created that would allow him to imprison the
    trolls in their caves.  As the years passed the grass and the trees grew back,
    and Swordmaster planted an orchard of fruit trees.  This orchard has become a
    favorite spot for lovers to come and stroll.  Recently the troll chief was
    able to wrest the wand away from Swordmaster.  Before the trolls are able to
    burn down the orchards, the wand must be returned to its rightful owner.
    Return to List

  38. Point Value: 15 (grog) *
    Grog is being plagued by the dread Typo Demon. Search out the portal to
    his floating castle and present yourself to him. If he finds you worthy
    of the task, he will aid you in your efforts to free him (and Galeck) 
    from this evil monstrosity. It is rumored that the portal often takes
    the shape of a dense patch of fog.
    Return to List

  39. Point Value: 15 (ghiorso) ***
    The farmers southwest of Garinor are having some trouble.  Something
    keeps killing their livestock, and they will soon have nothing.  Travel
    to their village, and help them solve their problem.
          -- Brought to you by Gwynn and Ghiorso
    Return to List

  40. Point Value: 15 (galeck) *
    Jack's mother is concerned about Jack and what might have happened to
    him.  She found the following note in her farmhouse:
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |  FEE, FI, FO, FUM!                           |
    |    BE HE ALIVE, OR BE HE DEAD,               |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |                          THE GIANT           |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    Find Jack's mother and find out how you can help save Jack.
    Return to List

  41. Point Value: 15 *
    Twoflower the tourist has taken a vacation on Darker Realms, but things
    haven't gone well for him. Firstly, his luggage mysteriously vanished
    during the night, and then he lost his iconograph - and with it, all of
    his pictures from the trip. Buy a replacement iconograph, fill it with
    pictures, then give it to Twoflower. Who knows, he might not notice the
    Return to List

  42. Point Value: 15 (heraclitus) *********
    The Witch of the Crystal Palace has co-existed peacefully with the
    Birdmen of the High Mesa for many years.  Life on the mesa had
    been truly wonderful. Recently, the balance was upset by an evil
    Sorcerer. He has enslaved the animal population, and is draining
    the life directly from the Mesa. The Witch has gone to fight the
    the Sorcerer, but hasn't returned. Meanwhile, the Birdmen have
    been driven back into the Crystal Palace, and can't hold out much
    longer. A strong adventurer, with good stamina, is needed to find
    Robin, the Witch of the High Mesa, and help her so that she may
    defeat the Sorcerer and restore the Mesa.
    Return to List

  43. Point Value: 14 (bubba) *
    The Hatfields and McCoys are at it again. They have 
    begun feuding, and someone is needed to go and stop 
    the feud before there is no one left. Go to Kentucky 
    and seek out a way to end their feud. It will take more 
    than brawn to see this through. 
    Return to List

  44. Point Value: 13 (unk) *
    The land just south of Ti is in disorder once again. The evil witch
    Aramina has turned Prince Marco into a frog, and has kidnapped his
    betrothed. If an adventurer were to break the curse of the Prince,
    and rescue his betrothed, they would surely be handsomely rewarded.
    Return to List

  45. Point Value: 13 (emrys) ***
    Something strange is happening at the Arnisdale Adventuring Academy.
    Students have stopped responding to their parents' sending spells, and no
    one who has gone to investigate has returned.  Travel to the Academy and
    make it safe for our newbies once again.
    Return to List

  46. Point Value: 12 (mirex) ****
    The evil bugblatter beast is wrecking havoc across the deserts near
    the Orica II Spaceport.  It is reputed to be invulnerable to almost
    all types of weaponry and combat.  Destroy this creature before it
    reaches the spaceport.
    Return to List

  47. Point Value: 11 (lucifer)
    Push your luck and wits beyond reason and try to break the score of 500
    playing yahtzee. Yahtzee games can be bought in several places, including
    the retail shops and gaming hall.
    Return to List

  48. Point Value: 11 (unk)
    Extend your word power and stretch your brain till you can score 60 or
    more points in a single game of Boggle. There are boggle boards in a
    number of places around the game, perhaps the most obvious being in the
    Games area near the Newland church.
    Return to List

  49. Point Value: 10 (sinbad) *******
    The evil mage Galan Dracos has stolen a talisman, rumored to contain
    great power, from a lovely water nymph.  Return the talisman to the
    water nymph; but beware, Galan Dracos possesses enormous magical
    skills and the mere mortal cannot easily defeat him.
    Return to List

  50. Point Value: 10 ***
    Leo the Archwizard is angry, and justifiably so. After a long session
    drinking firebreathers in the local pub, Harry the Affectionate stole
    Leo's Sceptre of Wizardhood and hid it. Then he removed the gems from
    which it gained its power, and hid them too. Worse still, when in the
    morning Harry woke up, he was so hung over that he couldn't remember
    where he hid the pieces! However, as Harry usually doesn't roam far,
    it seems reasonable to assume they will be in the local village, or
    close by. Help both Leo and Harry by finding the sceptre, finding the
    gems, and replacing them in the sceptre, before returning it to Leo. 
    Return to List

  51. Point Value: 9 (requiem) *
    All is not well with Prince Prospero's party. It seems
    one of his guests has been kidnapped. Please rescue the
    guest, and return his possessions so the party can continue.
    You'll find the Prince, as well as his castle, west of the 
    mountains and north of Solace.
    Return to List

  52. Point Value: 9 (fred) ********
    Fred's head is always falling off, and now he has lost his crown.
    You must find it and put it on his throne. Hint: it is somewhere within
    his castle, high atop Fred Mountain. Good luck!
    Return to List

  53. Point Value: 8 (unk) *
    The leading families in Darker Realms have been totally shocked after
    a group of dwarves kidnapped one of the most eligible young ladies in
    the Realms, and took her away to the mines underneath Fred Mountain.
    Her father, a Duke of the Realm, no less, has been completely unable
    to find his daughter, and is now considering paying the large ransom
    the dwarves are demanding. If some young adventurer could rescue his
    daughter, no doubt he would be very much in debt to them.
    Return to List

  54. Point Value: 8 (cruiser) *****
    You must slay the Minotaur that dwells at the center of King Minos' Labyrinth
    located by the sea. It is rumored that Daedalus, the craftsman who first built
    the Labyrinth, may have a few more ingenious tricks up his sleeve. But beware!
    Theseus tried to kill the Minotaur, and hasn't been seen since...
    Return to List

  55. Point Value: 8 (freya) ********
    Prinz Drakomir and Prinzesa Liljana, the beloved royal family of
    Arnisdale, lie slain, and dark powers emanate from their once-welcoming
    castle.  Travel to Arnisdale and find the source of this evil.  Madame
    Alina of the local travelers may have some information for you, if you
    can prove your worth.
    Return to List

  56. Point Value: 7 (emrys) *
    Gargamel has managed to kidnap Smurfette and cast a curse on her, turning her
    evil once again.  Find Smurfette and give her a potion of good to set her free.
    Return to List

  57. Point Value: 7 (quantos) *
    Remael the Alchemist's precious Purification Stone has been stolen.
    Without it, he cannot purify the ingredients he uses to make potions
    and unguents. Find Remael (his hut is located in a large swamp) and
    talk to him about the theft.
    Return to List

  58. Point Value: 7 (spencer)
    Spencer the Arrogant has been bragging about how good he is at playing Free
    Cell. To free the Realms from his bragging, seek out the beach bum who
    makes his living selling cards near the Newland dock and prove to Spencer
    that you are the better Free Cell player.  Anyone who frees the Realms from
    Spencer's bragging will surely be well rewarded.
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  59. Point Value: 6 (lucifer) ***
    Long ago, a good king ruled Darker Realms. However, horrid acts of
    evil took him from power and threatened his life, so he has taken to
    hiding as a commoner in the main village. Some day in the future
    his infant son, the Prince of Darker Realms, could overcome the
    evils and restore proper reign to the throne. Unfortunately, the
    evil queen has also taken to hiding in the village with the infant
    prince and his bastard half-brother. If she continues to keep and
    abuse him for long, he could die. Find the True Prince, restore
    his health, and return him to the hands of the True King.
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  60. Point Value: 5 (chaosmonger) **
    The newland playground is plagued by an unwholesome presence.  You must
    find a way to cleanse this stain and give the children of the town a 
    happy place to play.  Take proof to the school's head teacher.
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  61. Point Value: 5 (unk)
    Stretch your mind and prepare for harder tasks ahead by solving a game of
    Solitaire. You could probably buy a pack of cards at your local Newland pub.
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  62. Point Value: 5 (heraclitus) *
    The battle against the Evil Sorcerer is going fairly well. In an
    effort to maintain troop morale, the Witch has borrowed a game from
    a benevolent Dragon. Robin encourages everyone to come by and play.
    Skillful adventurers will be justly rewarded!
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  63. Point Value: 5 **
    Retrieve the Orc Slayer from the evil Orc Shaman, and give it to Leo.
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